Sending files by Internet
  There is two ways of sending files by Internet The most simple is to send a file by attachment in a e-mail this method is not safe and large files could be damage. Sometimes the mail server cant handle large files then it will be broken in several pieces and unreadable.
The maximum size iv depending on from where it is send and where the receiver is, and the limit is usually 100kByte to 1Mbyte file size. Most e-mail program has 'attachment' options in the menu list.
  Or use or, 2 free services that allows you to send files up to 2 Gb on a upload and pick up mail.

Always use ZIP and remember to vectorize the fonts in EPS files.

  Always send your files to your local Beacon gobo reseller, don´t forget to add your name and billing adress, the size , lamptype ( scanner or profil) and deliver adress.